Restaurant Review: Sho Cho

image4 dubai_marine_beach_resort_and_spa_sho_cho_slider1Sho Cho is a modern Japanese restaurant and lounge in fine dining and a highly innovative entertainment destination. Sho Cho’s dining environment is acclaimed for its forward thinking and highly innovative ideas. The Little Tea Party brunch recently launched at Sho Cho, which consists of Japanese food, with good house music and Alice in Wonderland inspired interiors.

Where: Dubai Marine Beach Resort

Cuisine: Japanese

Perfect for: a different brunch scene

Our order:

Appetizers and Salads:

– Sho Cho Edamame (Green soybeans with ginger, sesame and soy)
– Miso Soup (Miso soup with spring onion, seaweeds, tofu and fish cake)
– Yakitori (Grilled chicken skewers glazed with yakitori sauce )
– Prawn Gyoza(Grilled Japanese dumplings with Prawns)
– Nasu Miso (Grilled aubergine with miso sauce)
– Kaiso Salad (Seaweed salad with sesame oil dressing)
– Calamari Salad (Mixed green salad with deep fried calamari and ginger dressing)


Main course:

– Vegetable Tempura
– Tuna tataki
– Rock Shimp with Creamy chili and garlic sauce


Sushi and Maki:

– A selection of sushi and maki rolls


– A combination of sorbet and ice cream

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Service: Pretty good, dishes arrived on time. Staff seemed slightly clueless, server at our table was kind.

What we loved: The calamari and prawn/shrimp dishes were mouth watering especially the Rock Shimp with Creamy chili and garlic sauce is a MUST MUST TRY. It’s more like the famous dynamite shrimps in a bowl. The Yakitori, which was grilled chicken skewers is a must try too if you are a chicken lover! It’s a good start to a meal.

What we didn’t like as much: We ordered 2 lemon mints and it tasted nothing like it, it was way too watery and sour. The sho cho edamame, was just not right. Similarly, the Miso Soup was just a big no, it was too much of a raw fish taste for our liking. The ginger ice cream was just too much plain and raw ginger, which again depends on personal taste. The quality of ice-cream was not too great.

What we recommend:

– Calamari Salad

Rock Shimp with Creamy chili and garlic sauce

The selection of sushi and maki rolls

: A bit too empty for a Friday Brunch. Although a different brunch setting, and very lively with good music.

More on Sho Cho: Friday brunches have become such a must, especially in Dubai and you cannot always go to the same Brunch place, since there’s so many new happening places out there. You walk right to the end of the Dubai Marine Resort to enter Sho Cho. The outside area is pretty,  but maybe would be good to be at during winters. Indoor area is fancy and typical Alice in Wonderland theme, very nicely done. Although, will surely be back during outdoors to experience the outdoor area. Make sure to have a huge appetite before going, you surely want to try out every Brunch dish!

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#TSDreviewsShocho: 3.0/5