Restaurant Review: Treehouse

SAM_0033Treehouse is a definitive location for all those who wish to revel in the opulence of its magnificent terrace, witnessing the city come to life in the early evening, as it pulses with the ever-changing light of Dubai’s incredible skyline.

Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Where: Treehouse, TAJ Hotel, Business Bay

Perfect for: Drinks along with Mediterranean bites

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Service: Our server, who was also the bartender was well versed with the menu and the dishes he suggested turned out to be extremely good however, we wished they had more staff/more attentiveness. The manager was very sweet & friendly.

What we loved: The burj view. The fact that the food menu was so short. The toothsome squid and lobster dishes are definitely a must try, they’re just so appetizing! We had ordered the squid two times, that’s how good it tasted. The quality of the hummus was incredible, one of the best hummus’ tasted in a while. It comes with freshly made bread that was super doughy.

What we didn’t like as much: There wasn’t much to choose from the menu, it was very compact. Moreover, the lighting was a bit too dim and so we literally had to use our phone’s flashlight to look at the printed paged menu that wasn’t the easiest to read from.

What we recommend:

  • Squid
  • Lobster
  • Hummus

Ambiance: Being a weekday evening, it was occupied by a good amount of people.

More on Treehouse: A gorgeous terrace at an elevated level on the 3rd floor of the hotel. As you enter the floor, you can either walk through Tesoro, the Peruvian restaurant, or through the pool area which is pretty nice during evening hours. You get a whole view of the Burj, along with the downtown lane. They recently had their launch party and so they are still in the opening process. Would recommend making a reservation beforehand, just in case. It’s a place you would like to visit for Drinks with a bunch of friends. (* You might want to visit this place asap as they’re going to be closing sometime this month.)



#TSDreviewsTreehouse: 4.0/5


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