Restaurant Review: Vesna


Vesna is a newly launched restaurant in Dubai, offering contemporary Slavic cuisine in a modern ambience. Vesna, meaning ‘Spring’ in Russian, brings a fresh perspective to the UAE fine dining scene, with an impressive décor and ambience to match. The Vesna menu is an inspired creation by Award Winning International Chef Angelova Irina, renowned entrepreneur and restaurateur, bringing unique elements to Eastern European Cuisine.

Where: Vesna Restaurant Lounge, Conrad Hotel, Shiekh Zayed Road

Cuisine: Russian

Our order:

– Eggplant rolls   AED64

– Olivier Salad with Lobster   AED138
– Vinegret Salad   AED62

Hot Specials:
– Salmon Pelmeni   AED125

– Chicken Kiev   AED167

– Stir fry vegetables   AED33

– Honey Cake   AED60

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Service: Super sweet and friendly! We were so impressed with the staff. The manager was there at all times to assist us with the menu, he also briefed us on the restaurant. Our server was extremely sweet too, she’d always come every 10 mins to ask we wanted her to serve us more food or in general if we needed anything.

What we loved: The Olivier Salad with Lobster that was recommended to us by our server was so delicious & healthy! It’s the classic Russian salad with an European twist. A blend of baked and boiled vegetables, fresh lobster claw and sauce vide chicken, finished off with diced dill pickles and dressed in a homemade mayonnaise and balsamic. We aren’t particularly fans of egg plant but when the egg plant rolls were brought to our table, we gave it a try and surprisingly we LOVED it and the same goes for the honey cake that was suggested to us, it literally melted in our mouths. Definitely going back to Vesna for this honey cake! On the whole, the food was mostly all healthy and this is something we prefer for obvious reasons.

What we didn’t love as much: The Chicken Kiev, which is a contemporary twist on a classic dish; organic chicken coated in Japanese breadcrumbs, lightly fried and filled with a French garlic butter, served with cucumber, bell peppers and cress salad. Unsure about what exactly we didn’t like in this dish, but it wasn’t tasting very good. Other than that, there wasn’t much we ‘didn’t love’ about Vesna.

What we Recommend: 

  • Honey Cake
  • Eggplant roll
  • Olivier Salad with Lobster

More on Vesna: Guests new to Slavic cuisine are encouraged to enjoy Vesna’s signature tasting menus to truly experience the best of the east. Vesna combines both a restaurant that caters up to 105 guests at any one time with a lounge bar that seats up to 50. As things get hot in the kitchen, the lounge stays chilled, mixing up signature cocktails and pouring fine wines and spirits to enjoy with family and friends. Vesna also has a celebrity chef: Maksime Tvorogov –!home/cbzx

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#TSDreviewsVesna: 4/5