Restaurant Review: The Black Lion

11705373_1608282886114110_6614401429446066200_nTSD was given the opportunity to have a first look and review The Black Lion. The Black Lion combines refined classic dishes along with exotic fresh drinks. The venue is lively from the first thing in the morning into the early hours (3am).

Where: The Black Lion at the H hotel.

Cuisine: American

Perfect for: A high end casual meal with drinks

Our order:

– Truck Stop   AED 170

– Shrimp Cocktail   AED 82
– Steamed Asparagus   AED 58

Soups & Salads:
– Caesar Salad   AED 50

– Scottish Salmon   AED 135
– Southern fried spring chicken   AED100
– Jumbo Shrimp   AED 170
– Fish & Chips   AED110

-Baked vanilla cheesecake

-Dark chocolate brownie
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Service: The service was good. Quick as expected, and each dish arrived just on time. James, the Manager, was very helpful and made the drinks himself for us and was very welcoming and suggested us with some mouth watering dishes. His choice of dishes was just so accurate to our taste. Especially the Truck Stop Platter (A MUST TRY)  which consisted of various items such as finger licking crispy chicken wings, delicious mac n cheese balls, a flavorful red cabbage slaw.

What we loved: We wanted to try out almost everything on the menu. A lot of shrimp options, and so we almost tried all shrimp options on the menu. But were not quite impressed with the jumbo shrimp although the shrimp cocktail is absolutely a MUST TRY! Just like every restaurant has their own concept, The Black Lion has their Shrimp Cocktail that includes a bloody mary sauce over avacado’s in a cocktail glass topped with 2 large sized shrimps. The Steamed Asparagus was very well cooked and juicy, the sauce used was mouth watering. The menu had a lot of non-veg options. Additionally, the drinks served to us, by the Managers suggestions were by far the best drinks we have had in months. Lastly, the quantity of the dishes were pretty good.

What we didn’t love as much: The Salmon was slightly bland for our taste.

Ambiance:  We loved the Black Lion’s atmosphere,bright and good lighting even during the day. As the sun sets, the restaurant sets itself to dim lighting, which is pretty attractive during the evening hours.

Additionally, every dish on the menu is a must try, each dish is very different from another. Interesting interiors, a good compact menu. Quite occupied for late lunch hours. They even have business lunch options (Sun-Thurs) from AED 65 available till 3pm.


The Black Lion: Facebook Page


The Black Lion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


The Black Lion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato