Healthy Meal Delivery | Right Bite Express Review


Right Bite Express

is the latest service from healthy caterer Right Bite (known for personalized meal plans).  It’s an on-demand food delivery service, just like ordering fast food, only that it’s healthy – perfect for calorie-counting and weight loss!  It is indeed the right bite you need to have when you don’t have a healthy option at home. They deliver in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman as well as Abu Dhabi.

Personally, it’s a really good push to start eating “clean” if you’re looking to loose weight or just go on a cleanse. I tried Right bite for 3 consecutive days for lunch / dinner and I do already feel healthy. What I love about Right Bite is that the time you want your food to be “delivered”, they seem to be absolutely punctual and also managing to keep the food hot! They offer full day meals or even one or two in a day. It’s a perfect lunch delivery option if you’re a working person. As it’s pretty affordable and a HEALTHY choice of eating.

Surprisingly, we really liked the salads Right bite offers. For example, the Green Lentil Salad, sounded boring to even order but one of us just took a chance ordering it, and oh my, it was one of the best vegetarian salads I’ve eaten. The Lentil is just so perfectly cooked and flavored, it makes the whole salad super delicious and healthy at the same time. Another favorite salad after the Skinny chicken caesar salad is the Couscous & Vegetable salad. The cousous mixed with vegetables and the sauce, it’s just super juicy and mouth watering. If you’re eating healthy these would definitely be the three salads to include in your lifestyle! Coming to the mains, the Thai Chicken curry and Quinoa, it wasn’t only good, but also super filling! The amount of Quinoa and quantity in the thai curry is more than enough for one person and at the same time it’s pretty healthy. What I liked about all these dishes is that they’re full of flavor and taste yet healthy. Another favorite is without doubt the whole wheat vegetarian lasagna, it literally just melts in your mouth, super filling and you just can’t stop eating it. A very interesting thing about Right bite is, even though dishes like the Lasagna are vegetarian, they are enjoyable. To finish off every meal we ordered desserts to go with it and it was just the highlight of the night. Every single one of the desserts is definitely a must try, perfect way to end your meals!

Personally, I have been looking to loose weight for a long time, and as I have a very slow metabolic rate, I’ve always found it really hard to loose weight. I have had a considerable positive effect with the help of nutri-diet (next blog post) and then slowly changing to Right Bite to gradually loose body fat.

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Healthy dish recommendations :

  • Stir-fried Chicken Rice Noodles
  • Skinny Chicken Caesar Salad (Super delicious, juicy yet super healthy)
  • Green Lentil Salad (You may think this a boring option, but it was one of my favorite vegetarian salads)
  • Couscous & Vegetables Salad

Dishes we would recommend if you aren’t on a limited calorie intake diet:

  • Thai Chicken Curry w Quinoa
  • Chicken Satay w Brown Rice
  • Chicken Sub Sandwich
  • Whole-wheat Vegetarian Lasagna (absolutely amazing on your taste buds, filled with great flavors!)

Recommended desserts:

  • Chocolate Cheesecake Cup
  • Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies
  • Rocky Road

What we didn’t like as much: The Fattoush Salad was a bit too dry. I would definitely pick one of their other mouth watering salads over this. Additionally, The Tandoori Chicken Wrap would surely have tasted better had it been more marinated or saucy..

More on Right Bite Express…

The best part is the label on each box, the amount of calories you are going to consume, the amount of fat, etc. So you get an idea of the amount of kcal’s you’re consuming per day/meal. Also, the servings of each dish is super filling. They deliver 10.30 am – 10.30 pm. An idea meal option, especially if you are trying stay healthy. You can check out their diverse menu & meal plans on their website. Right Bite Express also offers an Iftar Box which is priced at 70 AED and includes the below items like a Main Course, a Side Salad, an Asthaliya, Dates, Water, Soup ( Lentil / mushroom or Broccoli) & Labneh which is pretty affordable yet very tasteful.