Second Visit to Wakame

IMG_1559As you already know, we’ve visited Wakame previously to review their Business Lunch however, this time we thought why not try out dinner at Wakame. This was our second visit to Wakame for one of our post birthday dinners and we loved it this time!

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Service: Extremely sweet, very helpful when it came to deciding the dishes, & they also presented many soon to be launched dishes which were absolutely amazing! Everyone should definitely look forward to them.

What we loved: The new dishes are actually bringing out of Wakame’s true qualities. The food we had this time was just incredible. Every single dish was on point. We ordered few of the same dishes we had at the business lunch, for example: the calamari we had the first time was a bit soggy, however, this time it was extremely crispy, and when eaten with lemon juice sprinkled on top, it tasted even more delicious. Additionally, the Money Bag chicken & the Flame Tuna Maki is a MUST try! We just didn’t want the night to end, that’s how much we enjoyed. Every dish we had was just a 10/10.

What we didn’t like as much: The quantity was a bit less.

What we Recommend:

  • Flame Tuna Maki
  • Black Cod Pot Sticker (Dim Sum)
  • Calamari
  • Truffle Chicken
  • Jumbo Prawn with red onion salsa.

Ambiance: Quite a dim setting. Not too busy during the day but starts getting super busy post 8pm. It would be better to make a reservation before visiting. Wakame without doubt has it’s own charm and definitely a place worth visiting.

#TSDreviewsWakame: 4.5/5