SIRAJ | Restaurant Review

Siraj Beverage Bar


the new Emirati-Levantine restaurant located at the Souk Al Bahar, transports guests back in time with its authentic Arabian flavors. A welcoming ambiance along with delicious Emirati food, in a plush setting that combines rich Arabic-inspired décor with sweeping views of the Dubai fountain and the Burj Khalifa. The food is absolutely delicious – they’ve also got some lip-smacking signature dishes on their menu such as the Saffron Lobster.

Cuisine: Emirati Fusion

Where: Siraj, Souk Al Bahar

Perfect for: A calm evening with good Emarati Food.

Baba Ghanouj Hummus Salmon with Labneh Siraj - Golden Horses Siraj 1 Stuffed Vine Leaves Sumac Passion Margherita

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Service: Very welcoming.

What we loved: The baba ghanouj, which was from the “cold appetizers” was something very unique and delicious. It was one big grilled eggplant in which it had included tomato, capsicum, and onions with hummus topping. Their hummus was in fact very tasty and authentic. The signature siraj halawa salad was beautifully dressed, the dressing making it very tasty and also healthy at the same time which we liked. The chicken biryani we were served was on point, it had a little Indian twist to it too which was different and nice at the same time with good quantity of servings. Coming to the desserts, we fell in LOVE with all three of them, because they were so rich in flavor. The “23 Karat Gold Saffron Mouhalabia”,saffron pudding topped with cotton candy and drizzled with 23K gold honey, the pudding perfectly done and rich in terms of taste and quality (you just don’t want to stop eating it). Finally “The “Logaymat”  which is a traditional Emirati dessert, it just completes your meal on a good note! Everything was so well done from the beginning to the end, just goes to well with your taste.

What we didn’t love as much: The lighting was a bit too dim, which made it very difficult to even read the menu! We weren’t too impressed with the warm dates & kale salad, the dressing was a bit too much, it didn’t go too well with our taste and it was just not right. The salmon with labneh was nicely presented and didn’t taste too bad either but the only downfall was that, you get a lot of raw taste and this is something we really dislike when it comes to seafood. Another disappointment was the grilled sea bass, for some reason only I found a fault in this, I’m not entirely sure if it was a thorn but there was definitely something that pricked my throat, and that’s certainly not how I want my sea bass.

What we recommend:

  • Hummus
  • Baba Ghanouj
  • Lobster Kebbeh
  • 23 Karat Gold Saffron Mouhalabia

Ambiance: It was a Sunday (night) and surprisingly the place was quite packed for a weekday restaurant spot in Souk Al Bahar. Dim lighting, dark, unique interiors. Absolutely love the furniture used to decorate this place.

#TSDreviewsSiraj: 3.5/5