STARSKIN Review | Not Just for Celebs !

STARSKIN The Secret Reveled
STARSKIN The Secret Revealed is a new line of skincare products that are formulated using innovative beauty technologies to deliver a celebrity star treatment right in your home. The bio-availability of the ingredients are highly increased, thanks to the fermentation that enables the key elements to soak into the skin without causing any irritation whatsoever.

STARSKIN Glowstar Puff

STARSKIN GLOWSTAR™ – A Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

This is an easy-to-use puff that is pre-dosed with formula so when you use it (just lightly dampen the puff and softly rub in circular motions), a rich lather forms that effortlessly yet effectively sloughs away dead skin from the entirety of your face and leaves you with a radiant smooth finish. I definitely think this is a must-use product as it fulfills most of its promises. The packaging states advanced exfoliation, skin texture smoothing, deep cleansing, evens skin tone and radiance boosting. Since I do get clogged pores and occasionally dull looking skin, I will admit the results are pretty much all of those things, except for evening out your skin tone. As I do also have uneven tones on my face, I can say that a one-time use did not help much in that area, but hopefully overtime it will. I can also verify that it is safe for sensitive skin. My skin DID look and feel, smooth and radiant!

STARSKIN Coconut Bio-Cellulose Mask


Each sheet mask is soaked in a full bottle of serum and is quite hydrating on your face when you smooth it out completely. A pleasant surprise when I put it on, was that there was a lot of extra serum that i could just rub on my skin after taking off the mask for a more lasting effect. It was a nice thick gel, rather than a very fluid liquid, like almost every face mask I’ve ever worn. The bio-cellulite sheets that STARSKIN uses is widely considered to be the best material available for an entirely non irritant formula. They encompass essential vitamins and have many natural agents. The finishing texture was quite a glowy one, fortunately not a greasy one, and more of a velvety texture, I might add.

STARSKIN Firming Sheet Mask

STARSKIN CLOSE UP™ – A firming mask 

One that I first thought to be of a typical skin firming, youth promising sheet mask. So for an unbiased conclusion I tried it on my mom. (To be honest I’d like to believe I’m much too young to be using a face lifting mask). Like the previous one, and all STARSKIN masks, it was quite gell-ish and smooth in application. It was also quite a speedy absorption process and yet did not dry out at all. It did visibly improve areas on the face that were saggy or dull and made areas look more plump. I suppose regular usage would yield better results. The process also finished with an even (in texture of skin, NOT skin tone) and moisturized texture. Although, I will say, it was not exactly “firming” in the areas around the eyes or mouth. I would put it on right before a night out as it smooths and primes the skin pretty well.


All in all I think STARSKIN has come out with some great products in terms of skincare. Personally, I was sold right on the coconut juice fermentation, as I’ve experienced its many positive results in various other beauty/skincare products.

All Starskin products are available at all Sephora stores.