Summer Hair!

It’s just getting hotter, day by day!! Either very windy with sandstorms or really humid. This does not stop us girls from enjoying our selves outside or dressing up to the nines.  

   Deciding on your hair for the night can be very tricky sometimes. Sometimes, more time-consuming than even dressing up. A small piece of advice. — once you’ve got a perfect hair do, no matter what you wear, it will look chic! 

Image   Straightening your hair for the night isn’t always the perfect choice. Trust me, curling it with a straightner is always a good idea. Although do this only once or max twice a week. You don’t want to get your hair damaged by curling it everyday. This is obviously, if you’ve got straight hair. 

   Use a straightener to curl the hair if you’re going for a casual night. You don’t want to look very overly ‘dressed’ for a dinner or just a night out with friends. (next post on how to curl you’re hair with a straightener will be posted soon). Also, make sure you wash your hair the day you plan on getting out, else the straightener will just make it more oily. 

  Image Image Image