The Experience by Reif Othman | Restaurant Review

The Experience, an innovative culinary concept by Chef Reif Othman

is the new talk of the town, the hottest place to dine and where only Dubai’s most elite sit across from each other. The exclusive dining concept is designed to seat just 12 people and will offer each party dining at The Experience a bespoke menu tailor-made to suit the appetite and preferences of the guests. Prepared by Chef Rief and offering a truly interactive dinner experience, the combination of all that is offered is a truly unique and innovative offering. “The Experience is not your regular Chef’s Table – but more an ultra-luxury version of the Chef’s Table concept,”

Where:  37th Floor, The H Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road.

Cuisine: Asian

Perfect for: A VIP style dining experience

Our Order:

  • Reif Selection Caviar
  • Seaweed Tempura, Otero
  • Cure Snapper, Umeboshi Dressing
  • Hamachi on Salt Block
  • Tomato Bruschetta
  • Blackberry Tea Sorbet
  • Truffle Ravioli
  • Seems Dory, Mussels Butter
  • Roasted Maine Lobster
  • Strawberry Mint

Service: A super friendly group of staff, almost like a family cooking food for you at home. Dining with Chef Reif was a pleasure. He explained every dish so carefully and is always open to your feedback.

What we loved: Chef Reif cooks and serves almost every dish himself! While making our reservation for dinner, we were asked our preferences along with any dietary requirements depending on that, Chef Reif makes a customized menu just for you! We loved how the very dish comes in cute little customized cutlery. We started off with bread and butter. The Butter had Reif engraved on it, and the taste of the butter was unique just like his style of cooking. Starting from here, you have really high expectations of what’s coming next. Each dish has a story behind it, from the ingredients to the reason it’s on the customized menu. We won’t spoil it for you, but we would really recommend visiting the Experience once to truly experience Chef Reif’s new venture. You will love every dish, and every time you receive a dish, you’re always wishing it’s not the last because you just want to keep eating what’s made and never want the Experience to end. Trust us, you will truly be filled mentally and physically when the courses are over. There’s nothing more you will really “miss” post meal. Furthermore, our favorites from the course were the Truffle Ravioli, Hamachi, Roasted Maine Lobster, and of course the dessert. The dessert was just out of this world. It’s tastier than it looks and definitely the icing on the cake haha! At the end we were given cute handwritten menus of the dinner. Also, depending on where you’re from or what Chef Reif understands you as a person, he gives you a gift along with the menu which is super thoughtful. It was truly an experience.

What we didn’t like as much: You can’t really pick what dish you would like to eat, as it’s a custom made menu the chef prepares based on your dietary requirements. There’s no music like in a lounge/restaurant.

Ambiance: Just a floor above Play Restaurant at H hotel is The Experience. As you come out of the elevator you see a big main door, it almost seems like you are entering someone’s house. As you enter, you are standing in a living room with a large dining area that fits 12 people, it’s more like getting into a very apartment like ambiance, where you see the kitchen on the left, the more you walk, past the dining area will you see a brilliant view with sofas where you can chill post dinner. Make sure to make a booking in advance if you wish to dine at The Experience. The restaurant is closed if Chef Reif is not available.

#TSDreviewsTheExperience: 4.5 / 5