The Nail Spa + Art Bar, Jumeriah | Salon Review


The Nail Spa on Jumeirah road

is definitely our new fave spot for nails. The whole setting of the salon, from the automated doors to the classy white interiors, everything is done in a very posh manner. The whole vibe of the salon is great, it makes you want to stay & get pampered for hours and hours. We went for their classic mani-pedis. To ensure all clients’ needs are met, each station is also housed with a fully loaded iPad with up-to-date beverage lists, service focused deals, nail art collections (for inspiration) and popular episodes from TV shows. They introduced us to each girl that was allocated for us and the girls were super sweet, welcoming, and helpful along with being very good at their job. I love it when they involve the team with the customers, it just makes everything less awkward.

For manicures, there’s a separate station by the Art Bar DXB

which comes under The Nail Spa, they’re known for the craziest nail art you’ll ever see (from bridal collection to drake). A design house for nails, this is a concept created for genuine beauty aficionados. You can choose from the in-house collection of hundreds of designs which are inspired by everything including fashion trends, art or even events and seasons. Alternatively you can create a masterpiece from their very own imagination. Definitely going back in to try out d=some of their designs. My manicurist super pleasant, she started by offering me their cute little menu to choose a drink from and then going right into the manicure, which was done extremely well. My nail technician was very smooth and gentle throughout the manicure. After all the cutting, filing, and cleaning my nails looked so fresh and clean, I was very satisfied. She then started with the hand massage which was extremely soothing and relaxing, when I asked for her to reduce the pressure, she immediately adjusted without any annoyance. Lastly, as expected, the polish was applied to perfection.

For pedicures, they make a whole experience out of it

After your seated they put a plank in front of you just for you to keep your things on, like your phone, while getting pampered, and put your valuables (hangbag, etc.) into a TNS gunny bag and hang it right next to you. Absolutely loved these tiny thoughtful things, it was super cute and endearing. The pedicure was excellent, the girls were very professional, about 50 mins into the pedicure and our feet looked and felt extremely refreshed. Something we found to be different from other salons, would definitely be the effortlessness in the way the technicians work on you. You absolutely don’t feel even a push or pinch when they’re ridding your cuticles of clutter for example. They’re very attentive, gentle and humble, something we really appreciated.

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