Summer Renew at The Spa, Address Boulevard

The Spa at Address Boulevard...

is a world away from the stresses and strains of modern life and a haven of tranquillity that allows the restoration and rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. A truly exquisite setting. It stands as out as the ultimate relaxation destination, yet remarkable in its setting on an entire floor spanning 700 sq. m. It provides guests with rejuvenating therapies and signature treatments, and is also dedicated to beauty and wellness. Other features include a dedicated and exclusive outdoor spa pool, 10 dedicated single treatment rooms, private couple’s treatment suite, manicure and pedicure areas, and a private vitality pool. A part of the experience is centred on an unrivalled offering of detoxifying treatments and inspirational therapies that replenish every aspect of the body. 

“The Spa at Address offers a place for our guests to get away from bustle of everyday life."

My experience at The Spa...

Let me just start off by raving about the all new, Address boulevard by Emaar, it is absolutely beautiful! From the interiors to the service to the layout, it is all done so exquisitely. They went for a very minimal & classy theme with all the white flowers and marble. Moving on, the spa at the hotel was beyond impressive. The reception, the changing room, and the treatment room were all done so well. I popped in earlier last week to try out one of their treatments called the 'Summer Renew' which is a great way to take care of your body during this hot summer time. It offers you the ultimate all-in-one experience which involves a traditional Lulur scrub, Shea butter body wrap and energizing massage using a forearm technique for total rehydration and reinvigoration. It was honestly the most relaxing thing ever and the Lulur scrub was definitely my favorite part. I'm someone who tends to get tanned very quickly and I'm not really a fan of it so I die for body scrubs, I've used scrubs on myself in past but I was never 100% satisfied with it so getting it done by a professional at a spa was obviously the real deal! I could see and feel all the dead skin coming off which was super satisfying. The girl was extremely professional, she knew exactly what she was doing and did not make me feel uncomfy!! Once I was wrapped she went ahead with a head massage which again was so soothing and relaxing, I pretty much fell asleep. Next, the treatment requires you to take a quick shower to wash off all the oil/cream, they have a washroom inside the treatment room itself so you don't have to bother yourself walking back the changing room. Finally, the treatment comes to an end with a full body massage. Another unique element of the Spa experience is the array of teas offered. Each treatment has a recommendation of a tea blend which should be taken after the therapy to provide the ultimate benefits to detoxification and relaxation. Overall, a highly recommended treatment and totally worth it!

Package includes: Body Scrub, Body Wrap and Full Body Massage

Duration: 90min

Price: AED 650 per person