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As you can already tell from the title, I want to explicitly say that you should always use a primer that best serves the needs of YOUR skin, and suits YOUR skin type. And, YES, I do realize it is quite a bit late to be posting this review, but as I have a sensitive skin type, I just wanted to make sure I’d used the product for a couple of months. Before getting into the review of Too Faced‘s replenishing face primer, I’d just like to say that I’ve heard, and read, many mixed responses about this specific primer, so, I wanted to say that no product in the world works best (or the same) on everyone. Everyone has different types of skin and different types of daily activities which result in varying outcomes. When I read or take word of a makeup/skincare review, I try to make sure the reviewer has a similar type of skin to that of mine.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

is meant to be a skin “hangover cure” Now do I believe that? Yes, but not in a very literal sense. It is a makeup primer infused with coconut water (definitely a winner!), probiotics and skin revivers, that are basically in the works of inspiring radiant skin and promoting elasticity. It also promises to encase your make up while keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. Unlike regular primers, it certainly smells like heaven! It comes in a small but wide tube, with a pump at the end. How thoughtful.

I feel like this primer has a very positive ring to it. I love how it feels more like a lotion and has a dewy finish rather than a mattifying canvas. Something your skin needs when its been continuously pulling long days and nights. Although I’m grateful for the traditional mattifying type (thanks to my pores) – before a heavy night look – I do prefer one with a slightly tacky finish for a day look, as it enhances to a hydrated, fresh and radiant face, especially since I tend to look dry on the cheeks.  

It’s pretty lightweight and quickly absorbed. It’s intended to serve as an energy drink to your skin by ‘replenishing’ moisture levels. It did help with some mild breakouts, NOT worsen them, so, that’s a great plus. It feels super soothing immediately when you apply it. Unfortunately it doesn’t last. My makeup stayed on pretty well but it didn’t give me an extra refreshed feeling except for the first hour or so. In my opinion, I don’t think this would be great on super dry skin as it isn’t particularly spreadable, the absorption process is pretty instantaneous. I will surely be using this primer for a very long time, as it suits my skin pretty well!

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Too Faced’s Hangover Primer is available at SEPHORA stores.