Tresind | Restaurant Review


The fine dining Indian restaurant, Tresind

offers a unique experience, not just to your taste-buds but also to your eyes. Executive Chef Himanshu Saini has bought the molecular gastronomy concept with Indian food to Dubai for the very first time. We have wanted to go to Tresind for a year now but we’ve just never seemed to fit in into our schedule. Nonetheless, we finally got to try out their recently launched Summer menu which looks too good to be true!

Cuisine: Indian

Where: Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

Perfect for: A completely different Indian Fine Dining experience.

Our Order:


– Modernist chaat trolley
– Pan seared scallops, peanut salaan, jodan chillies
– Pav Bhaji Zaatar flavored.
– Chicken served in a molcajete
– Braised lamb chops, aam papad chutney, churan fleur de sel
– Indo-Chinese fusion chicken rolls
– Sea Bass Recheado
– Chole Bhatura

In between starters and the mains:
– Nimbu pani sorbet palate cleanser

– Paan Flavored cotton candy

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Service: Super sweet & friendly. Every server is so well versed with each and every dish. From how each dish is made to what the ingredients are. Most knowledgeable staff we have come across till date.

What we loved: Right from the time we started our lunch it was super peaceful. We love that they place a smokey scent of sandalwood at every table (very Snapchat worthy by the way!) – very freshening. The Starters were just out of this world, each and every starter is really worth trying. The Indo-Chinese fusion chicken rolls were super delicious, it was literally chicken tikka masala that came with roomali roti, very cutely placed on a wooden piece as you see in the pictures above. Additionally, the chicken served in a molcajete was super delicious, every bite was so tasty, you never want to stop eating it!

What we didn’t like as much: The Sea Bass Recheado had too much of a raw taste, the presentation was excellent but the taste wasn’t as good. The nimbu pani sorbet palate cleanser was close to horrible, it does come in a cute, hand carved model under a lemon piece, and is meant to refresh your taste for the mains, but it ruined it instead. Since the lunch had gone so well, We were mildly disappointed, probably because we expected a lot. We had 2 desserts before the candy floss, they just weren’t going well with our tastes in general. The mango flavor inside the kulfi had a weird combination, but it really depends on personal taste if I’m being completely honest. They have a chocolate dessert that’s prepared live, which was a slightly better option.

What we recommend:

  • Deconstructed Pani Puri
  • chicken served in a molcajete
  • Modernist chaat trolley
  • Indo-Chinese fusion duck rolls
  • Candy floss

Ambiance: From the view to the interiors, everything was just well done.

More on Tresind…

An exclusive 4-course lunch menu, perfect for those quick corporate lunches, starting from AED 145, Sunday to Thursday, every week. They also have a Ladies Night, every Wednesday, 8-11 PM @ Tresind Lounge (3 complimentary drinks + 15% off snacks). We can’t wait for the Carnival by Tresind to open in DIFC later this year! Would really recommend for you to try out Tresind, it’s definitely one of our top 5 Indian Restaurants in Dubai.


#TSDreviewsTresind : 3.5/5

Contact:  04 308 0440