TSD x STARSKIN | Review + Giveaway

STARSKIN Glowstar Peeling Puffs
We continually gush about STARSKIN products

Something you’ve probably noticed if you follow us on Instagram & Snapchat. We’re absolutely hooked and regularly use their peeling puff and masks.

As I had already put up a blog post on when I first tried out their products, you can click here for reviews on a few (GLOWSTAR™, STARSKIN Coconut Bio-Cellulose Face Mask & CLOSE UP™).

STARSKIN The Secret Revealed

is a relatively new line of skincare products that originated in Switzerland. The products are produced utilizing innovative technologies to provide a celebrity star treatment right in your home. The bio-availability of the ingredients are highly increased, thanks to the fermentation that enables the key elements to soak into the skin without causing any irritation whatsoever.

They have certainly come up with some great products in terms of skincare. Especially now that everyone seems to be loving sheet masks, celebs included! I’ve noticed a number of celebrities and bloggers alike, posting about STARSKIN products. Clearly everyone – just like we have – has fallen in love with them and truly experienced its positive results. Each mask is soaked in a full bottle of serum so is guaranteed to have more than enough product to work on your skin. Another very positive aspect of the products is the fact that they are Travel Friendly ♥

Some tips…

The masks and peeling puff are recommended to be used 1-2 times per week, but only the masks are safe for daily use.

Before opening the pack of the sheet masks, refrigerate for about 10 minutes to enhance the cooling effect, then gently distribute the product by pressing around the sachet with your finger tips. They should be used immediately after opening. Make sure your face is clean and dry. Take off the two outer layers and apply the middle one on your face by softly smoothing it on the entirety of your face. Leave on for about 15-20 mins. Before throwing away the packet squeeze out the remaining serum and apply to your face/neck.

Definitely use the GLOWSTAR™ peeling perfection puff beforehand, as it definitely achieves the best results (what STARSKIN & I, both suggest! Your skin more easily and readily absorbs the serum from the masks). Put a couple droplets of water into the sachet before taking out the puff. Gently press different areas to create a lather. On a clean and moist face, gently scrub your entire face with the puff, in circular motions while concentrating more on your t-zone, for a of couple minutes, then rinse with water.

STARSKIN products are available at SEPHORA stores.



is essentially a firming mask . It visibly improves areas on the face that are dull. It has an immediate smoothing and radiant effect.

As I’ve already elaborately posted about CLOSE UP™ & GLOWSTAR™, I won’t repeat it. You may click here for the detailed review.



A hydrating mask. I particularly love this mask and it’s certainly become my favorite from all of STARSKIN’s products. It is amazing for a primer before makeup, as in my experience it reduces possibilities of breakouts and deeply hydrates your skin as well as making your skin super soft and smooth in texture. It deeply infuses dehydrated skin with intense organic hydration. It surely fulfills its promises to intensely hydrate, instantly smooth, long-lasting suppleness & preventing the loss of moisture (which in my case, my skin stayed soft and hydrated all day long even with make up on).

With a regular, weekly use, it has made my skin very much less prone to breakouts and keeps it super hydrated, especially since my skin generally feels slightly dry when I apply make up. So it’s a bonus for everyone out there looking for a primer that doesn’t just have temporary effects!



A brightening mask. I was genuinely intrigued with this one as I’ve been suffering from dull skin all my life. I do have a few areas on my face that aren’t even. The mask is meant to minimize dark spots and uneven skin tone. I will say that it didn’t magically make them in the first use, but I do think regular use is indeed showing better results (so I’m staying positive!)

Luckily, the mask does instantly give you an energized and brightening effect as a whole, when compared to your skin beforehand.



We’re so excited to share that we will be giving three lucky readers some of our favorite STARSKIN products!

Winners will each get a GLOWSTAR™ Peeling Perfection Puff & a SURPRISE Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask!

All you have to do is comment your favorite STARSKIN product & tag 5 friends on our Instagram Posts featuring STARSKIN. Of course you should be following @thestylistadiaries & @starskinbeauty

Winners will be announced on the 15th of June, 2016 via an Instagram Post
*Open to Dubai residents only

Good Luck Everyone ♥