Velvet All-Year Round | Styling ROMWE

A bodycon dress that stands well on its own, due to the velvet fabric.

This piece by ROMWE is certainly a signature piece and doesn’t need heavy accessorizing. It was also one of those dresses that I wasn’t instantly a fan of, nonetheless it did grow on me and I came to love the whole look. I paired it with an easy nude, pink clutch as a sing over the shoulder. I liked that it added a hint of brightness to an otherwise dark outfit.

Give your ensemble extra dimension by doubling that velvet.

It's definitely going all out, wearing over-the- knee boots in general, let alone suede ones added to a velvet dress. I was quite hesitant at first, but in a hasty decision made at the end of spending the best day at the resort, Rixos, The Palm, it was time to head out for the night. I did have contradicting thoughts, it could just work, or I might just look hilarious, either way, we were about to find out! In some way, the matching fabrics just went so well together. The colors sat perfectly.

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What I Wore

Dress - Romwe  Boots - Ego Official  Bag - MOA