Vesna’ Tsar Imperial Brunch | Review


Vesna, which translates to spring in Russian, is the hottest new contemporary Slavic restaurant in the Middle East. Vesna brings to you the ‘Tsar experience’ which is the ultimate Saturday party brunch from 1pm – 5pm. Enjoy daytime dining with a difference, Vesna’s Tsar Imperial Brunch is an exclusive brunch fused with imperial flair and flamboyant, unique entertainment. Incredible dancers, live music from the live singer amongst our DJ providing mellow beats to form the perfect backdrop for this exquisite event.

Where: Vesna Restaurant & lounge, Conrad Hotel, Shk Zayed Rd.

Cuisine: Russian

Perfect for: Just the perfect way to end the week

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Service: Sweet but a little inattentive.

What we loved: The quality of food is great at Vesna, we’ve experience this earlier as well. It’s so rich and flavorsome, there’s nothing ever wrong with the food. The brunch started off with a buffet for the salads, etc. The mains are then brought to your table. From the cold servings, we loved the salmon it was super fresh and so were the salads. The mashed potato was absolutely mouthwatering, it was made perfectly! I don’t think I’ve tasted better mashed potato. Every dish was very well cooked, even things like the asparagus. I usually find myself struggling with the asparagus at restaurants because it’s not 100% cooked but this one at Vesna was done very well. Another dish that surprised us was the sea bass, we usually don’t enjoy sea bass but the one served here was very different, it tasted delicious and the sauce it was topped with just went very well with it, we definitely enjoyed this dish.

What we didn’t like as much: The food (as mentioned above) was great but we just felt like the brunch overall wasn’t very well organized. I feel like the selections could have been better. It was also difficult to get a hold on the waiters/servers and they also took a while to get what you ordered. We went to the dessert section towards the end and were really disappointed with how unorganized it was! There was barely any dessert left and the place was just very messy. Even though it was almost the end time of the brunch, we still expecedt it to be organized and restocked.

What we recommend:

  • Salmon
  • Mashed potato
  • Sea bass

Ambiance: Almost a full house!

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Oyster stations offer a sumptuous taste of fresh, succulent seafood. Champagne and caviar combine for what is one of the most unique and decadent dining experiences in Dubai. Chef Maksim’s menu is ambitious, reflecting his confidence and culinary expertise. Modern cuisine and traditional Slavic classics can both be found on the menu. The cuisine inspired by imperial Russian style, offers diners a unique glimpse in the pre-revolutionary era with a selection of intriguing dishes, steeped in rich Slavic history. When it comes to the main course options, the menu boats highlights such as Beef Medallions with French fries and mushroom sauce and salmon with rice and creamy spinach.

295 AED which includes the food with unlimited soft drinks, spirits.
395 AED which includes the food with unlimited soft drinks, sparkling rose wine.
695 AED which includes the food with unlimited soft drinks, spirits, sparkling rose wine, The Tsar plate (selection of Black caviar (beluga), Red caviar, Aubergine caviar overseas with truffle flavour)

#TSDreviewsVesnaBrunch: 3.5/5