Your Spring Fashion & Beauty Guide

"This Spring, Buy Less. Choose Well"

First things first,

shooting for this blog post in a 41 degrees sand storm was NOT fun. But then again, you gotta do it for the content! I actually have no idea how these pictures turned out so good, I'm so glad they did though! Getting to the main point of this blog post, Spring time essentials and must haves. I'm someone who LOVES mentally preparing for seasons (what tops to purchase, what skirts, what sweaters, etc), like I will literally save an outfit for a summer night out or for a winter coffee date months in advance, that's just the kind of person I am. I'm not someone who changes their entire wardrobe or dresser according to the weather and seasons, I don't get people who do... I wish I could but instead I just keep everything together (I do color coordinate though, so it's easy to find what I'm looking for). 

Spring Hues

Spring season's color palette/hues just has my heart. Some of the prettiest pastel shades, the lavender, the blues, pinks, etc... my favorite time of the year to dress up, I think I say this for every season that passes by, lol. During this time of the year, I'm completely into anything pastel colored (like I mentioned above) when it comes to clothes or sometimes I'll even go for something super bright like red if the day is pleasant and I'm really feeling it. One thing I loveee about Spring is that it's not about the perfect pairing, you can literally wear any type of dress with any type of shoes as long as it matches on some level and you're good to go. The colors and prints do matter though, go for more light colored dresses and don't be shy to experiment with prints.

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Spring time Makeup

When it comes to makeup, my base pretty much stays the same for all seasons, it's the colors that change, be it the eyeshadow, the blush, or the shade of lipstick. So for this spring, I'm thinking an orange-y crease look for the eyes, lots of blush and a bright lip. Luckily, my skin does not have drastic changes as the weather changes, touchwood so I really don't struggle much, in fact I enjoy being able to change my crease color according to the time of year. For spring, it's definitely 'puree' or 'summer yum' from too faced's peach palette and not a bold lip or smokey eyes.

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